Massachusetts Maritime Academy Prepares Pier for New Training Ship

To help the State Maritime Academies train the next generations in a more efficient manner, Congress approved the building of training-specific vessels for five maritime academies throughout of the United States. The next in line is Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) who is scheduled to receive the National Security Multi-Mission Vessel II Training Ship (NSMV) in October 2024. Marine Structures was honored to be tasked with helping the waterfront redevelopment at the MMA Pier by providing American made 200 and 250 ton tee head bollards to the contractor in charge just as we did for another state maritime academy, which you can read about here.

Keely laying MMA

Photo Courtesy Maritime Executive

After around 25 years of service as a training ship, the T/S State of Maine will be officially retired. This vessel was originally built in 1990 as an Oceanographic Research Vessel but was transferred to the Maritime Administration after an engine casualty in 1993. To prepare her for training the men and women of the Merchant Marine, a significant conversion needed to be made. In 1996, the underwater oceanographic equipment was removed, a new power plant replaced the older two engines and accommodations were increased from 108 to 302 people.

Even with these significant high-tech improvements, there is much difference between a converted surplus vessel and a purpose-built one. MMA’s new National Security Multi-Mission Vessel will be called T/S Patriot State II and will be equipped with:

  • Berthing for more than 700 individuals, expandable to house 1,000 people for up to two weeks in times of humanitarian need
  • Roll-on/roll-off and container storage, with a cargo crane and side ramp for self-loading
  • Hospital facilities
  • A helicopter landing pad
  • Training spaces, including eight classrooms, a full training bridge, workshops, lab spaces and an auditorium
  • Thrusters and a flap-type rudder to allow the ship to moor without tugs
  • Open configuration options

According to Maritime Executive, the first steel cut began the process in March 2021 and the keel laying ceremony was held in September 2022.

“The keel laying ceremony is an event that never gets old, and this one was especially meaningful, given the future intended use of the Patriot State,” said Rear Admiral Francis X. McDonald, President of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. “The NSMVs are historic for all the state maritime academies and will offer needed training platforms for the next generation of mariners, as well as serve as essential support vessels in times of disaster or distress. We are honored that the Massachusetts Maritime Academy has been designated as the recipient of this vessel and are incredibly grateful for the commitment it shows to our future mariners.”

Construction around a working maritime academy is difficult as they strive to be quick and thorough throughout the process, while allowing the training of students to continue efficiently. Marine Structures prides ourselves on getting our quality products to our contractors on time so there are never any project delays. We provide bollards, cleats, and fenders at a competitive price across the United States and the world. Follow along as we continue updating on the bollards Marine Structures provides for the NSMV ships’ waterfront berthing facilities.