Sand Point, Alaska Replaces Aging Dock and Marine Structure Provides Marine Bollards

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The Sand Point City Dock was constructed in 1984 and serves as a multi-function dock acting as a shipping and receiving terminal for commercial goods, services and industry as well as a service terminal for the Tustumena ferry. This dock was in need of replacement as the years have aged it and the city of Sand Point sought funding through the State of Alaska’s STIP program. In 2015, engineers prepared an analysis report of four dock concepts. A “dual dock” concept was chosen the Alaska DOT sent out bids for the project. Marine Structures was honored to provide American made double bitt marine bollards to the maritime contracting firm working on this project. This dock also receives barge service from Seattle throughout the year to handle processed seafood via shipping container vans. The dock is an essential component of infrastructure providing critical access between Sand Point and the Pacific Northwest region.

The Federal State funded project from the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities consisted of constructing a new dock adjacent to the southwest end of the existing dock. This new dock would be approximately 70-ft wide and 220-ft long. The dock will also include constructing a pile supported dock with concrete deck and concrete framing, adding a fender pile system, dock face beam, bull-rails and heavy duty bollards along the entire face of the new section of pier, adding a new dolphin and access catwalk to provide moorage for large vessels, placing new shot rock fill behind the structure to extend the existing breakwater and create additional uplands area for safe passenger staging and maneuvering of equipment, installing revetment rock to dissipate wave action at the pier face, to protect and stabilize the underlying new fill slopes and refurbishing the existing adjacent dolphin and catwalk structure.

Marine Structures provides quality American-made and foreign-made maritime products and was honored to provide domestically produced double bitt mooring bollards to the maritime contracting firm working on this project. For questions relating to this project or for help on future projects, contact us here.