Marine Structures Supplies Fenders For Ellis Island

Completed section of the Ellis Island Seawall seen at low tide, 2023.NPS photo

Completed section of the Ellis Island Seawall seen at low tide, 2023. NPS photo

As summer approaches and national parks welcome visitors from around the world, we’re thankful for the contributions we have been able to make to these iconic destinations across the country by providing quality products for the revitalization of their waterfronts. In 2013, Marine Structures provided several American made single bitt mooring bollards for the service dock location on Liberty Island. We also recently aided the repair of the bulkhead and pier on Cruz Bay Pier in St. John by providing D-fenders and mooring cleats. On Ellis Island, Marine Structures supplied molded arch fenders for the 6,736-foot-long seawall.

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are one of the most popular national parks in the entire United States, attracting over 4 million visitors every year. After enduring years of wear and tear from hurricanes such as Sandy, these symbols of hope and freedom for the US were left in disrepair. The Ellis Island seawall has had multiple construction systems over the years resulting in erosion, displaced blocks and several other structural issues. They were awarded a contract close to $31 million to help repair the seawall.

Project engineer, Jessica Markel, provided insight on the project. “We are installing a waterside combi-wall around a large portion of the island and encasing it in concrete; this helps stabilize the seawall. The ferry slip where passengers arrive at the island has received a complete overhaul with a new timber fender system as well as inshore strengthening behind the seawall. Granite repairs, slip scour protection, and landscaping are also aspects of the Ellis Island project.” Marine Structures is grateful to have supplied these fenders with our name on them that now serve along this historic waterfront.

Marine Structures stands out as a global provider capable of supplying both foreign and domestic marine mooring bollards. We take pride in supplying these essential components – bollards, cleats, and fenders – to safeguard national treasures. Whether your project demands foreign or domestic products, reach out to us for a tailored quote. As a cost-effective solution, we ensure seamless project flow and reliability. Get in touch today!