Marine Structures Provides Mooring Bollards to Georgia Pacific Wharf Project

Georgia Pacific Wharf

Many wharfs across the United States are undergoing massive upgrades and Georgia Pacific is one of them. With damage to the structures from years of use and deterioration from the marine environment, the Antioch, CA wharf is needing repairs. The last repairs on the wharf were completed nearly 30 years ago. Marine Structures is excited to provide mooring bollards to this project that involves repairing/replacing several deteriorated and damaged components at the existing GP Gypsum Antioch wharf. With each upgrade that ports and wharfs undertake, there are also added benefits. This upgrade to the wharf would improve berthing and mooring capacities for the larger vessels that currently deliver the gypsum rock product under new shipping contracts.

Marine Structures will provide 50 ton, single bitt bollards from our Anvil series to aid in the structural upgrade of several wharf components at the existing wharf/ship terminal consistent with California Building Code berthing requirements for Marine Oil Terminals. Although the wharf is not a marine oil terminal subject to regulations, Georgia Pacific wants to use applicable berthing and mooring provisions to remain consistent with regulations for California laws. The project is located near the southern shore of the San Joaquin River and a couple of miles downstream from the Antioch Bridge.

“Our anvil series of mooring bollards are of the highest quality and perfectly aligned with Georgia Pacific’s standards of quality and safety,” said Andy Pigott, owner of Marine Structures. Georgia Pacific is one of the world’s the leading makers of pulp, paper, packaging, building products and chemicals according to its website.

Marine Structures provides maritime products to both the government and private sector projects ensuring their success. Contact us the next time you have a maritime construction project to bid so we can provide you with affordable and quality mooring bollards, cleats and extruded fenders.